Student Owned Strategies for Reading as Thinking in Content Areas

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Clip it all together Our goal is to improve student reading skills across the content areas.

To your left are templates for some of the S.O.S. Strategies.

You will see the template for a Think-Aloud. You can make this into an overhead and use it to model your thinking as you read, or have students come up and

Goal: Improving Student Reading Skills
model their metacognition. Another use for the Think-Aloud would be to copy it and give it to students to record their thinking/ questions/ comments as they are reading silently. Another template is the K-A-U Pre-Reading Vocabulary strategy. Obviously, you will want to change the words. Just remember to focus on no more than 5-7 key words.

All of the other templates are from the Pre-Reading (before you read a story or selection) actvities for your students: 3 versions of the Anticipation Guide, the K-W-L activities (including the Directed Reading/Thinking Activity), the Word Splash (change the words to whatever suits the unit or chapter you are introducing) and the Previewing Text activity (remember to modify question #4 for your assignment). The Anticipation/Reaction guide works especially well in a classroom where students are writing papers where they have to cite sources. Anticipation Guides are especially fun to use with controversial material

Also, remember these templates serve a double purpose; not only will they help your students assimilate the content, but if you require they be turned in you can use them to assess their learning for a grade, too.

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